Stop the Loretta Lynch Nomination for Attorney General

I am writing to oppose the nomination of affirmative action supporter Loretta Lynch for Attorney General. As a donor to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s 2014 Campaign, I strongly urge the Senator to stop the Lynch nomination. Lynch’s support for affirmative action racism hurts millions of Asian American and European American (white) applicants for employment and higher education.

First of all, I applaud the efforts of Attorney General Eric Holder to stop racism against Hispanics and African Americans. That is the problem though. Holder has used his position as Attorney General to selectively prosecute racism against Hispanics and African Americans while completely ignoring widespread affirmative action discrimination against Asian Americans and European Americans (whites). I am afraid that Lynch would do the same thing. We need an Attorney General who will protect EVERYONE from racism, not just Blacks and Hispanics.

Many supporters of Lynch have pointed out that her nomination has taken longer than previous Attorney General nominations such as those of Ashcroft or Holder. The difference between those prior nominations is that AG Holder is continuing to act as Attorney General while Lynch is vetted. There is no reason for rapid confirmation.

I respect Lynch’s record as an aggressive prosecutor, however we cannot allow another Attorney General like Holder who supports racial discrimination against Asian Americans and European Americans in the form of affirmative action.