Racism Against Asian Americans and Whites in Med School Admissions Continues…

The American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) openly admits that its member medical schools discriminate against their Asian American and white applicants. The medical schools don’t make any effort to hide their racially discriminatory admissions policies. In fact, they post evidence of their on the Internet for everyone to see, in the MCAT and GPA Grid for Applicants and Acceptees by Selected Race and Ethnicity, 2013-2014 through 2015-2016. The charts in provided by the AAMC compare the number of applicants, number of accepted applicants, and acceptance rate with MCAT score and GPA categorized by racial and ethnic background.

This data shows that for almost every MCAT and GPA, your race strongly influences your chances of admissions. For example, based on the grid an applicant with my 3.1 GPA and 31 MCAT score has an acceptance rate of 75.5% as black, 48.9% as Hispanic, 28% as white and a shockingly low 18.1% as Asian. Reviewing the charts, you quickly conclude that the acceptance rate after controlling for grades and test scores follows the below pattern:

African American > Hispanic > White > Asian

In other words, it’s easier for African American applicants to get into medical school when compared with Hispanic, White, and Asian students with the same grades and test scores. It’s easier for Hispanic students to get in then Whites and Asians with the same grades and test scores. Last but not least, it’s more difficult for Asians to get into medical school after controlling for grades and test scores than any other racial category. All this is compelling statistical evidence of discrimination.

In short, the AAMC has created the perfect system of legalized racism. The medical schools treat people with the same academic credentials very differently based on their race.

  1. Blacks are treated as first class citizens with the lowest admissions standards.
  2. Hispanics are treated as second-class citizens with the second lowest admissions standards.
  3. Whites are treated as third-class citizens with the third lowest admissions standards.
  4. Asian Americans are treated as 4th class citizens with the most difficult admissions standards.

And it’s all legal.