Civil Rights Movement 2.0

Martin Luther King dreamed of racial equality in the 1950s.

Here we are 60 years later – racial inequality in terms of income disparity, police violence, single parenthood, and academic achievement is in many ways worse than it was in King’s time.

What the hell is wrong?

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION is one of the culprits. You cannot end racism against one group of people by perpetuating racism toward others. 

I have always admired the courage and idealism of those who oppose racism. My grandfather marched with Gandhi. I was raised to believe in the pluralistic and non-violent philosophies of Gandhi, as well as King’s vision of a peaceful path to racial equality, which expressly condemned retribution against whites for their historic discrimination of blacks.

We have long abandoned King and Gandhi’s ideals.

Sometimes only a liar can expose the truth.

In the course of my misadventures, I encountered (and used) the nationwide system of legalized racial discrimination called affirmative action in university admissions.

I came to realize that affirmative action is a form of racism that is as ingrained in our society today as imperialism was in the time of Gandhi, segregation was in the time of MLK, apartheid in the time of Mandela, and slavery in the time of Lincoln.

I don’t have a solution for our nation’s racial problems, but I do know that more racism is not the answer.