An Open Letter to Somayra and other Asian Supporters of Affirmative Action Racism

Dear Somayra and other ethnic Asian supporters of affirmative action racism,

It is because of Indians like you that the British ruled India for almost 200 hundred years. It is because of Asians like you that the Europeans ruled large parts of Asia including Vietnam, parts of China, the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh for more than a century.

Like the Indian agents of the British Raj, you support those who discriminate against your own people. You criticize me because I have the courage to expose the hypocrisy of affirmative action and fight affirmative action racism against Indians (not to mention other Asian American and whites). You support a system of legalized racism that destroys the dreams of thousands of Asian American and white applicants for employment and higher education.

First of all, affirmative action IS a form of “legalized racism.” There can be no dispute about that issue. Regardless of whether the schools use a “holistic approach” or “quota system” (official or unofficial), Affirmative Action classifies people based on race and then increases or decreases their chances of admission to employment or educational opportunities based on their racial category. It is by definition racism. It’s also legal per the Bakke Supreme Court case, Federal and state law in the United States. There is overwhelming statistical evidence that colleges, universities and employers in the United States discriminate against their South Asian, East Asian and white applicants by making it more difficult for them to gain admission to school or college. I am a CFA Charterholder, I could spend hours talking about statistics and the statistical proof of racial discrimination in admissions. (You can read my website for more info.) Suffice it to say that just as it can be proven that “Smoking Causes Cancer,” it can also be proven that “Affirmative Action is racial discrimination against Asian Americans and whites in admissions and employment.”

Perhaps you believe that Affirmative Action is a form of “justified” legalized racism. I disagree. I believe in true equal opportunity. I have the opinion that people should be judged based on merit and not based on race. I also have direct experience with Affirmative Action racism.

In 1998, I discovered that the medical schools were discriminating against me (and other Asian Americans and whites applicants) in their admissions process based on their racially discriminatory affirmative action policies. If I was black and not Indian, I could increase my chances of admission by 30-40%. If I did the same thing in 2013-15, I would have increased my chances of admission from 17% to 74% based on my 31 MCAT and 3.1 GPA. When you are faced with racism you have 2 options. You can accept it or you can defy those who want to discriminate against you. I chose the latter option and applied to medical school as a black man. I managed to get into medical school at SLU despite the fact that my pitiful 3.1 GPA was far below their 3.7 average GPA.

Two wrongs don’t make a right. It was wrong for me to lie, just as it was wrong for the medical schools to discriminate based on race. Deceit is not the correct response to racism. Instead of lying, I should have protested against the medical schools racially discriminatory admissions policies, which is exactly what I am doing now.

There are many Indian Americans and Asian Americans who support Affirmative Action racism. In time, I think opinions will change.

One day, someone you love will get a rejection letter from the college or job of their dreams. You will see the pain in their eyes and wonder if racism, in the form of affirmative action, played a part in their rejection. You will accept the statistical truth that affirmative action racism reduced their chances of admissions and destroyed their dreams.

When racial preferences destroy the dreams of someone you love, you will reexamine your views. You will regret the day that you spoke out against me and in favor of affirmative action racism.


Vijay Jojo Chokal-Ingam

PS The sources supporting all of the facts I have included in this letter are well documented on my website.